Frequently asked questions

When does participant registration close?

Delegates registration is open till 14th May.
Media accreditation will be due by 12th May.

How can I register for the Forum?
You can register on the Forum official website at www.astanaeconomicforum.org (www.forum-astana.org)
How can I pay for my participation?
For your convenience, there are various methods of payment available on the website: credit card, payment terminals, online banking. You can find all types of payment in the Payment Section after filling in all the registration fields on the Forum website.
How can company representatives pay for their participation?
You can pay for your company participation by entering into a service agreement and paying an invoice to be issued. For this purpose, please contact the Paid Participation Coordinator. Please see contact information on the Forum official website.
I have problems with payment. Who to contact?
In case of any problems with your payment on the website, please write to us registration@forum-astana.org or contact the Paid Registration Coordinator. Please see contact information on the Forum official website.
I cannot upload my picture on the Forum Website. What to do?
If you see the message “Your picture has incorrect sizes” when uploading your picture, please change the size of the picture to 480 x 640 pixels.
I have registered and paid for. What to do next?
After you have paid for your participation and the data you entered during the registration procedure are verified by the Accreditation Center, you will receive a notification of successful registration. If during the registration procedure you have incorrectly entered the data, a message will be sent to your specified email with a request to correct the data.
Where can I get my badge?
Information about badge stands will be posted on the Forum official website www.astanaeconomicforum.org (www.forum-astana.org)
Can I receive an invitation letter for a visa?
- If you need an invitation letter for your visa, you first need to register on the Forum website, pay for your participation and then contact the Visa Support Coordinator. Please see contact information on the Forum official website. - Note! Visa documents shall be submitted at least 5 business days before the date of arrival in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
I am a media representative. How can I register?
Please find the Media Accreditation Section on the Forum official website. Accreditation is free.