Kenneth Rogoff

Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund (2001-2003), Professor of Economics of Harvard University

Education: Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He was an Economist with IMF and the Board of Governors of the US Federal Reserve System, Professor with University of Wisconsin (1985-1988), University of California, Berkley (1988-1991), Princeton University (1992-1999) and Harvard University (1999 - present), Academician of the American Academy of Art and Science (2001), Chief Economist of IMF (2001-2003), regular participant of the Project Syndicate (2002 - present), member of the Group of Thirty (since 2008 - present).

Author of the following books: The Curse of Cash (2016), This Time Is Different - Eight Centuries of Financial Folly (2009).

FIDE Chess Grandmaster (1978), Bernard Harms Prize Winner (2008).

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